Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween from our Frozen Fans!

With how popular Frozen in as it this house I think there was little doubt what our three kiddos would be.  The sister theme has been a huge hit and Olaf is the perfect addition!

The girls act out the movie constantly especially the Elsa Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up part.  Kate does a great Let it Go and Megan and Brian do a great duet.  Megan engages him by saying, "Daddy, Can I just say something crazy?"  They are adorable and while they love this movie I love their costumes.  Nana helped us out tremendously and of course got all the hard to find Disney costumes for her little grandkids including Anna boots and Elsa shoes.

Kate's Hair was some of my finest work!

Luke was not a huge fan of wearing a costume and threw quite a fit when we tried to get him in it.  "Help Mommy Help!" he yelled.  Once he figured out it was his ticket to Candy he was a little better.  Fun memories!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wisconsin Dells Vacation 2014

What an awesome summer!  
While it was filled with the great little activities we love that make up our Grayslake Summer, the cornerstone of our vacation is always our family trip to the Dells.  Each year it seems to just get better.  We love staying at the Wilderness on the Lake, love our cabins, love our usual spots, love the pool days, love the nights by the fire, and love "living" with our whole family as Megan describes it.
 Michaela was our one of two new additions to the trip and was named MVV-Most valuable Vacationer!
 Jacob and Ryan were a pleasure and an older 3 year old he was named Most Improved Vacationer!

 This was the first year we had our little Andy and he was named the Rookie of the Year of course!

 It is so great to spend time at our favorite places with some of our favorite people!

Here are some great shots of our Bundalo Family Fun!

Great Scenic Lake Time

Tee Pee Pictures are a must!

 Classic Dells!

 Great to have plenty of help with the Kids!


Tons of Extreme Kid Fun!


 Lazy Days at the Wilderness Pool!

Cheers to Good Times and a Great Family Vacation!